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Our Projects

Our organization works on various projects aimed at providing our girls with different tools they can use throughout their lives, both professionally and personally.

Rule Without Rules

We’re dedicated to providing educational tools and activities so that girls and adolescents can better understand and manage their menstruation. We aim to educate about the menstrual cycle, boost self-esteem, and progress towards gender equality. Your support is key to breaking down barriers and creating a more just and inclusive future.

With your generous monetary donation we will have resources to create impactful tools such as:

  • Providing menstrual kits, featuring sustainable hygiene essentials and a menstrual calendar.
  • Producing the compelling audiovisual series “Rule Without Rules” to promote menstrual education.
  • Printing the captivating illustrated comic to be used as a creative education tool.
  • Establishing a dynamic digital teaching platform.

The Grace of Democracy!

“The Grace of Democracy”  seeks to bring politics and democracy closer to children and youth through puppetry, theatrical play, audiovisual media, and literature. Our theoretical foundation is based on the methodologies of Augusto Boal and the Theater of the Oppressed, creating enriching life experiences through various artistic products that encompass a wide spectrum of the population at local, national, as well as international levels.

Link to theatrical play:

Your financial contributions would support the growth of our project and cover essential expenses such as:

  • Hiring a team to illustrate and craft new books and educational resources for our school.
  • Collaborating with playwrights to turn the stories and experiences of the girls in our foundation into inspiring theatrical productions.
  • Covering the costs of printing books and educational resources.

Audiovisual School and Social Media


Our main goal is to create a safe environment where we prevent modern gender violence and promote the responsible and critical use of social media. We want girls to learn to express themselves uniquely through creating their own content using user-friendly digital tools.

In our school, girls will have the opportunity to shed light on the injustices and issues they face daily. We want their voices to be heard and to use technology to share their realities with many people. We seek to promote gender equality and opportunities for all.

Our project needs your contribution for:

  • Purchasing quality equipment.
  • Participation in audiovisual and film festivals.
  • Payment to guest teachers.

¡Join us in making the digital world a safer and friendlier place for everyone!

Girl Coin$!

We have created a unique and fun way to teach financial education to girls. We replace traditional grades with money, teaching them to save funds from a young age. With our Girl Coins program, girls have real money that can be used on educational outings and at partner stores.

Girl Coins were created by girls for girls. Every month, they receive bank statements reflecting how their investment of time and effort transforms into purchasing power for their entertainment and fun, giving them control over their savings and monthly income. This resource is designed to keep them motivated and financially empowered from a young age.

Your donation is key to maintaining this innovative and resourceful project.

¡Join us in supporting the financial future of girls!

Surprise Shop

¿Do you have kitchen utensils, technological equipment, furniture, appliances, clothing in excellent conditions, toys, or any type or items that can be reused by others?

The Surprise Shop is a space for selling used items to people with limited resources in Ciudad Bolivar locality, Bogota. We believe in the circular economy, and through high quality donations, we ensure that an entire community can access objects that allow them to have a dignified life.

Our SDGs, 2030 agenda.

At Niñas de Luz Foundation, we are committed to working towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs, 2030 Agenda

SDG 4 : To ensure inclusive, equitable, and high-quality education, and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone.

SDG 5: To achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Aligned with these goals, we include the following:

SDG 10: To reduce inequality within and among countries.

SDG 15: Life of terrestrial ecosystems.

SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals.

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