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Our Identity

We are a team united by the conviction that we build better societies through example and games as we recognize that in every human being, our girls find role models. At Niñas de Luz Foundation, we inspire through our actions, and embrace success as we strive to be our best version.

We teach girls that “the excellence of your conduct lies in what, when revealed, makes you proud for staying true to your identity and the actions you take”.

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Our Girls!

At Niñas de Luz, we accompany girls and teenagers aged 5 to 17 who face vulnerable situations at marginal areas of Bogotá, Colombia.

We’ve created a dedicated community to inspiring these young, rising leaders through education, culture, and art. Our goal is to promote positive change towards equality and inclusion in Colombian society.

Our History!

Niñas de Luz Foundation arises from the personal experience of its Founder, who states: “I was a girl who, in many ways, resembles the girls who are now part of our foundation. I experienced similar situations like the ones they face. My mother and a teacher in my school years were my sources of inspiration; they believed in my potential and showed me the importance of determination to achieve my aspirations”. These relevant experiences and support influenced the official creation of the Foundation in July 27th, 2015.

Our Purpose!

We are an organization committed to serving the underprivileged communities of Bogotá, striving to create equity in our society and champion children’s rights while ensuring equal opportunities for girls.

Our Mission!

We are an organization that inspires and educates by example, empowering girls from underprivileged areas in the city of Bogotá. Our aim is for them to become leaders of their own lives through art, culture, sports, and education, fostering a future where they evolve into women driving equality and inclusion within Colombian society.

Our Vision!

We envision ourselves as a leading organization on a national scale, known for our mentorship programs that nurture leadership and shape the futures of girls and adolescents. Our aim is to gain international recognition for our innovative support and teaching initiatives, centered around play-based learning.

Our Values!

We're dedicated to creating lasting change
Aiming for a significant and enduring impact on the lives of girls, boys, teenagers, and youth, with a particular focus on ensuring girls' equality. Our challenge is to stay bold, courageous, responsive, determined, and innovative.
We promote openness and transparency
Fostering trust within and outside the organization through inclusion, honesty, and transparency. We take ownership of our decisions and their impact, ensuring we fulfill our commitments.
We know that together we do it well
Success comes from effective collaboration with others, both within and outside the organization, including sponsors and donors. We actively support our team members in achieving their goals.
Promoting inclusion and empowerment is at the core of our mission
We respect all individuals, value differences, and reject inequality in our programs, projects, and offices. Our goal is to support youth in boosting their confidence and transforming their lives, while empowering our collaborators to deliver their best.
We're innovators committed to social change
Constantly refining our processes and pioneering new approaches across the organization, from program development to project execution, all aimed at achieving genuine, impactful transformation.
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